It's so much darker when a light goes out, than it would have been if it had never shone.

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Tyler Hoechlin at the premiere of “Charlie Wilson’s War” in 2007

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Sterek Week - Day six: textures

Thinkin maybe you’ll come back here to the place that we’d meet 

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"We’ve been far, far away from here,
Well, OK we get along,
so what if right now everything’s wrong?”

- Sheryl Crow (If it makes you happy)

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"To protect me," Derek says after a moment in silence, lifting his gaze.

Stiles expects there to be mockery in his tone, but there is none. It’s not even a question, but even if it was: Stiles wouldn’t know what to answer. He can’t protect anyone, doesn’t stand a chance against whatever assassin who might come after Derek. If someone was to burst through the doors right now with a gun or tomahawk or some other creepy weapon of choice, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

But at the same time he knows it wouldn’t stop him from taking a step in front of Derek, trying to shield him with his own body. It’s reckless and stupid, but that’s all he can do: sacrifice himself.

And when looking back at Derek, Stiles can tell that he understands. He looks down again, to where his hand hesitantly reaches out to brush across Stiles’ knuckles, the touch sending a shiver down Stiles’ spine. He doesn’t make it a question, because he knows Stiles’ answer would be neither yes or no.

It would be “I’d try.”

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Allison gave her…

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I keep seeing Flower beards on my dash.

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marrish week → tuesday: song lyrics → coldplay//green eyes

I came here with a load, 
and it feels so much lighter, now I met you. 
And honey, you should know
that I could never go on without you,
green eyes.

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The fact that Derek was listening to Stiles on the phone.
The fact that Scott looks at Derek when Stiles asks if they are okay.
The fact that Derek does that ridic gesture.
I have so many pack feels right now.

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Sure, I meant well -
Well, look at what well-meant did

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Are you really going to leave all of this up to a couple of kids?
They’re more capable than you think.

Inspired by x
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It’s okay.

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teen wolf + first + last lines

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